Tuesday Tunes – Envy on the Coast: Lowcountry

We know that music plays a huge part in action sports.  Either getting you ready before a race or listening to your ipod while skating around the streets.  So on Tuesdays we are going to be putting up some of our music recommendations to either get you listening to new music or better music depending on what you ipod is filled with.  And even though Justin Bieber skateboards you won’t find us reviewing that here, sorry.

The Long Island band Envy on the Coast is an amazing group.  If you don’t have their new album Lowcountry go an pick it up at your local music store or off itunes.  (Try not to be a jerk and download it illegally)

I was lucky enough to go and see them live at Toads Place in New Haven, CT Sunday night where they killed it and did a great cover of The Animals “House of the Rising Sun”.  Their new album is one of the more refreshing sounds I have heard from a band in a long time and reminds me of music that was coming out around 2000.  There is a definite feel of old Incubus in the music and lyrically with Rage Against the Machine on the mind.  The opening track “Death March on Two, Ready?” is truly asking if you are ready because this album lyrically and musically is about to take you on a trip. They have altered their sound from the previous album to a much more southern/hard rock feel.  This helps bring singer Ryan Hunters voice to really stand out on this album.

There is a lot to this album that brings together big parts of music that have been absent in many of the new “rock” bands coming out.  Abstract and creative guitar riffs (harmonics and slides being used which I’m not sure many new young bands are aware exist anymore), lyrically driven songs with a message, and a group of guys that have created a sound that is forming to be their own.  Of course there will be the comparisons but how else to explain to someone what to expect when getting new music. 

My personal favorite track off the new album is “The Great American T Shirt Racket”.  The chorus line is “My scars, now I have a T Shirt, to go with my scars.”  This is HEAL’s new anthem.  That line alone is perfect for what HEAL is all about. 

So pick up the album.  Catch them live on their next trek.  And enjoy some new music that rock has been missing for a few years now. 

Other recommended tracks: Numb, Southern Comfort, and Clean of You.

Other albums: 2007 Sugar Skulls


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