Tuesday Tunes – Deftones “Diamond Eyes”

Today the new Deftones album ” Diamond Eyes” came out after the previous album “Eros” was shelved due to bassist Chi’s accident leaving him in a coma.  While Chi is still recovering and making small progress from an accident more than a year ago the rest of the Deftones went out with the bassist from the band Quicksand, Sergio Vega, and made a record that captured all the emotions that have been revolving through them.

Chino, the bands singer, had mentioned the album was made in similar manner to their old albums and you can definitely feel a much more collected band on this venture from the Deftones.  Every album from the Deftones is different and some people either hate it or love it.  I am a fan of their progression on each album and this one seems to capture the vibe they had going on in White Pony. 

Stephen Carpenters guitar has gone back to the deep, gainy sound with simpler riffs as the first two Deftones albums had.  Chino’s voice sounds great and you can really feel all the emotion being carried from song to song throughout Diamond Eyes.  This is a rare occasion for artist and maybe a first for the Deftones where each song really tends to lend itself the the previous and following track making the whole record a nice journey.

There is a obvious missing piece to it all which cannot be covered up.  Either because of the emotion being project from the band or the simple fact that Chi’s presence was so strong vocally and musically on the albums, but you can truly hear a difference due to his absence.  Not a bad one but it is something that for true Deftones fans will radiate through the album for both good and bad.  It is sad to not hear him on the album but is good that the rest of the Deftones gathered this energy and made a great album. 

Recommended tracks: CMDN/CTRL , Royal, and You’ve Seen the Butcher

Tracks can make for a good mix of getting pumped up for a race or for simply flowing through the slopes or park.   They are known for being involved in the skate scene in the 90’s.

To find out more or how you can help Chi go to the One Love For Chi website

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