Tuesday Tunes – Biffy Clyro

My first experience with Biffy Clyro was seeing them open up for Queens of the Stone Age a few years back.  Having never heard of them and with concerts not always being the best quality for hearing brand new music if the levels are not set up good, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Right off the start they caught my attention.  They had a unique style with some different time signatures that they pulled off effortlessly live.  Most of the music they played that night was on their heavier grungy side that got them their strong following.  Hailing from Scotland they have a large fan base in Europe and are making it over to the US with their latest releases. 

Their grungy alt-rock style on  ‘The Vertigo of Bliss’ and ‘Infinity Land’ where they stated themselves as “like Kyuss and Tool playing with some Scottish freaks screaming over the top of it” has turned a little bit to a have more of a calmer poppy side to it as well.  Not in a bad way and I believe that Biffy Clyro has really defined themselves as an all around rock band.  With intense fast distorted songs to slow catchy ballads they have been able to define themselves as musicians without losing their original touch that made them popular.  

My personal favorite album is “Puzzle” and depending on which songs you like from puzzle will lead you to the earlier albums or to the newest on “Only Revolutions”.  Songs to check out are “Living is a Problem”, “That Golden Rule”, and “Born on a Horse”

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