Stimilon Motocross Challenge 2011

stimilon motocross challenge

The Stimilon Motocross Challenge is back at Southwick MX 338 for 2011!  If you have never attended a Stimilon event, this is by far the best one to pop your cherry at.  May 28/29, 2011 is the greatest racing weekend of the year.

Yes there are motocross races.  Do they matter?  Yes and no.  It’s not about the points but about the experience.  Everyone is there to have a good time.  To let loose, ride their bikes, and do things you normally couldn’t do at your local races.  If strapping a blow up doll to your back and ripping laps is your thing, well go ahead and do it.  The most important thing is to not be a dick.  Have a good time, be respectful to the property and others, and just be an adult in certain aspects.

Stimilon is about Bikes, Babes, Booze, and Bands (BYOB for most things beside the band).  Before and after the racing day there are parties going on.  Sat night there are bands to go with the great Narragansett beer your drinking (they are a sponsor this year – bring a six pack in your cooler they will give a second for free!).  You don’t have to be a good racer or race at all.  The parties and crazy antics alone are reason to come and hang out at Stimilon.

There is a good reason the past 2 years it has been featured in Racer X Magazine and is sure to make another appearance in 2011.  So come join the fun and get your Stimilon on at the Motocross Challenge this May at Southwick MX 338.  Check out the Stimilon website for more info and to sign up.  Don’t forget to check out all the sweet sponsors that are giving special deals for racers at the event.

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