Josh Hansen Wins Anaheim 2 with Broken Hand

This past weekend was A2 for the Supercross series and also their breast cancer awareness round with everything covered in pink. For what is normally a great event for a great cause there was some exceptional racing that went on as well. Josh Hansen who had went down in practice came back to win the Lites Class Main Event with what turns out to be a broken hand/fingers.

There are many riders that can tough out the pain of actual broken bones but not many win a main event while doing it. Motocross riders are some of the toughest guys and girls out there riding with injured bodies all the time. Josh had to really dig deep put the pain away and hold on tight to the bike. Having ridden with a broken finger in my hand, after a CRF450 shot a rock into it, I know how painful and difficult it gets to keep the rest of your hand working properly to pull the brake or clutch in to keep your riding smooth and in control. Tons of credit goes out to Josh for showing the world what he is all about. His old ways are gone and he has proven he is out there to not only win but to take home the championship and it looks like nothing will stop him.

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