Jimmy Button’s Miles for Miracles

On Feb. 20, 2011 Jimmy Button will depart from San Diego, CA and head out to Daytona Beach FL.  Why such a big deal?  Jimmy will be riding a road bike.  And not only is he riding a road bike across the country Jimmy had become paralyzed in 2000 while practicing for the San Diego Supercross race that year from the neck down.  Some thought Jimmy may never walk again never-mind ride a bike across the country.

Jimmy’s Miles for Miracles is in efforts to raise $1 Million for spinal cord research.  He is one of the very few that have been able to overcome such a huge injury and is taking is heart and determination that got him walking again to help raise money to help others that are in the position he is in or was in.  There is something special that is inside many action sport athletes with a will and determination to overcome any obstacle in their way.  Unfortunately it is something many athletes are becoming more and more familiar with in dealing with spinal cord injuries.

The Buttons are an amazing family with Jimmy and his parents starting up the Road 2 Recovery after his accident to help provide support to other MX/SX riders that suffer major injuries in the sport.  They haven’t stopped there and I’m sure that M4M is just one more step the Buttons are taking to help make progress with SCI research.

Best of luck to Jimmy and his trainer Cory who will accompany him on his entire ride.  You can help by making a donation or even join up on a day to ride with the group when they come through your area.  Make sure you check out Miles for Miracles and see how Jimmy is doing on his mission or how you can help.  Below is a video done by Sette Bikes who is sponsoring Jimmy’s ride and did a great background video on M4M.

Good luck Jimmy!

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