Jacob Trette in Serious Condition After Surfing Mavericks

Saturday morning at the famous Mavericks surf break, Jacob Trette suffered serious injuries after getting hit by 20-25ft swells that caught many of the surfers off guard. Most of the surfers were not expecting this set to roll in and when it did many were left scrambling to try to make it over the break of these huge waves. Jacob Trette was one of the few unlucky ones to not get over the wave in time and suffered getting hit by two two-wave hold downs before being washed into the rocks on the inside of the break.

Luckily there was Russel Ord who decided not to follow the new law passed by NOAA which banned PWCs (personal watercraft ) from this area, and was able to come to the aid of both Alex Bottello and Trette. While rescuing Bottello they found Trette floating face up in the water and Ord quickly grabbed and put him onto the sled. Bottello then held Trette while Ord brought him to shore. With the aid of fellow surfers and firefighters that arrived they were able to revive Tretter and get him sent to the hospital where he is in critical condition.

Many surfers had protested the ban on PWC for reasons such as this when big events are held and the use of these PWCs can be life saving. Luckily Ord didn’t follow this law and helped save Trette instead of the situation becoming much worse had he not been out there to help. Both Ord and Bottello are prime examples of the family community the surfing world holds. Best wishes go out to Trette and his family. Hopes for a full and speedy recovery.

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