In Memory of Downtown Tony Brown

HEAL is forever dedicated to “Downtown” Tony Brown.  He was my brother, friend, inspiration, and believer in HEAL’s cause. Tony was an avid participant in action sports throughout his life.  Racing BMX,  BMX Dirt, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, and even dabbling in motocross as well, he truly loved the adrenaline rush and feeling that you can only get from action sports.  It set him apart from many and also brought him closer to others, making him an individual and someone many people looked up to.
Tony was a true inspiration and a reason for why HEAL started.  He had suffered many broken bones and one insanely close call with paralysis but pushed through them all and continued to pursue the sports he enjoyed no matter the consequences.  He was about to take the turn from just participating to being a part of the sports with his career in film and video.  With a goal to show others through his eyes what these sports were and how they shaped his life, he would have changed the lives of many.  Now HEAL will be dedicated to him and the passion for action sports Tony had.  HEAL will help others to make sure people get to continue their dreams, reach their goals, and bring people together just as Tony would have done.  He will be forever missed but will always be remembered.

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